Sunday, January 18, 2015

First post

Sunday morning finds me trying to avoid digitizing some receipts for tax purposes. So what do I do instead? Register a vanity domain (using Google's Domain service at $12/year) and set up a blog. That painless process is worth a blog entry, but I won't waste this first precious slot on it.

WARNING! Those of you that are familiar with my prior blog work know that I am notoriously flakey about the things. I can't even keep my social media property fed -- what makes me think I'll do better with a full-on blog?

Eh, it's worth a try. Maybe I'll find myself with interesting things to say... or at least to keep track of.

News of the day: #2 son was diagnosed with the flu. His mother took him to the doctor's office yesterday. When he got there, two interesting things happened.

  1. Representatives from the CDC game in wearing masks and asked if they could take swab samples. Apparently it's for a survey of some kind, because they aren't going to contact him -- he has to ASK for the results.
  2. The doctor wanted to do a meningitis test. #2 son had been running a very high fever (104-105F) and mentioned neck pain in the office. As it turns out, there have been a couple of meningitis cases in the county recently. The tests were motor and sensory (no blood work), and were negative. However, we're supposed to be on the lookout for symptoms. Hopefully his fever will be lower today.
Never a dull moment with teenagers, even when they're not purposefully dramatic. 

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