Wednesday, January 28, 2015

And now a word from a sponsor

<Note: reposted from Facebook>

I haven't publicized it much yet, but I recently became a Patron for an author/friend of mine via a service called Patreon ( Matt's a fantastic writer that wants the opportunity to do what he's passionate about -- writing fiction -- for a living.

I would love to see Matt be able to write professionally for completely selfish reasons. The first is that I want to read more of his stuff. The only way that's possible is if he's got the support he needs to write full-time. The second is that I gain GREAT satisfaction and fulfillment from helping people achieve their dreams. Patreon makes this a breeze while still remaining meaningful.

So far, I'm Matt's only Patron. For those of you with the means and a desire for more great sci-fi/fantasy in the world, I *strongly* encourage you become a Patron as well. For as little as $1/month, you can help Matt attain a life-long goal *and* reap the benefit of having a fantastic writer doing his thing all the time!

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