Monday, June 8, 2020

Sprummer (Virtual) Vacacay: Preamble

It's just like being there, except the only senses you're fooling are sight and balance!
Yes everyone, you heard that right -- BLOG POSTS ARE HERE AGAIN! Given everything that's been going on in the world since my last one, I'm actually pretty nervous about posting this. However, if I *don't* post it, then how will you, the reader, live vicariously through our virtual and vicarious vacacay? Also, I'm pretty sure most of the national- and planetary-level issues we're currently enduring are *not* a result of my silly short story from January. If you feel differently, let me know in the comments.

What is a virtual vacacay, anyway? As alluded to above, the world is quite a mess right now. Given the pandemic, our normal Spring Vacacay plans got cancelled before they were even finalized. However, it's important to take some time off, even when you're working from home but can't safely travel anywhere. So, we came up with the idea of taking a virtual vacation.

There's already a bit of an industry around this, and has been for a while. With the pandemic, even more entries into the field have emerged. There are a couple of issues for me, specifically and unfortunately.
  1. I don't own and VR headset.
  2. I don't want to rent anyone else's VR rig (pandemic, remember?)
  3. I get motion sick pretty easily with those kinds of things.
So we decided to do the next best thing. We chose a handful of destinations we're interested in, planned to learn about them (mainly via documentaries), and researched a menu that would allow us to sample some of their cuisine (eating and/or drinking).

I was tasked with the documentary research, and Tanya headed up the menu research. Together, we formed TEAM VIRTUAL VACACAY! We researched and listed and shopped and bookmarked, and began our trek today. Tune in tomorrow(?) for the highlights from the first stop on our list:



  • I'm releasing the copyright to "Sprummer." Feel free to use it as often as you like, royalty and permission free!
  • As it turns out, I never owned the copyright. The word "sprummer" has been in the Urban Dictionary since 2009, and is actually pretty well known and enjoyed(?) in Australia.


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