Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Memory from Seven Years Ago

Ah, Facebook... you taunt me with your robotic ability to recall things that I've completely forgotten about. Case in point: this morning's Memory prompting...

Facebook never forgets...
I'm typically not so cryptic in my Facebook posts, but this one has thrown me for a loop. I have no recollection of the context of this post. Those of you that know me understand how uncomfortable this kind of thing is for me. For those that are wondering, I tend to obsess about little ridiculous mysteries that ultimately don't matter at all to anyone but me.

With regard to this memory, the main issues are that a) I don't like the thought that there are details of my life that I can't easily recollect, and b) I now want to thank someone for something that happened seven years ago but I don't know whom to thank or what to thank them for. This annoys/bothers/upsets me now, even though I clearly (or more precisely, vaguely) did the thanking seven years ago.

If we were hanging out at all seven years ago, go ahead and assume this is about you and remind me of the purpose behind this post. Do that, and I'll owe you yet another debt of gratitude. Hey, at least seven years from now we'll stand a better chance of remembering how we got into this vicious cycle... :-)


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